†On Sign Up

  • You can Use an internet handle you often use  in social media, so friends can recognize you.
  • A valid email is needed, in order to get verified.
  • Its mandatory to complete your profile, in order to gain access to the site.
  • Sign up and use of the site is free.
  • Donation is optional and so is joining us on discord. 

† As a member

  • As a valuable member of ours, you are free to use all the features of our site.
  • You can monetise your content if you wish to.
  • Feel free to join our discord, meet new friends, get inspired.
  • Upload your photos with a couple of things in mind: keep things tidy by adding a title, tags and a category. Categories also serve as albums. Your space is endless. 
  • Keeping things neat is also valid for your blog or forum posts.
  • Never hesitate to DM the admin or the moderators, if you have questions or want to report something.

†What to avoid

  • If you are a previously banned member, please do not attempt to sign up.
  • Do NOT share content from any part of the site via copy or screenshot.
  • Always give credit to whatever you post.
  • Do not use the names mana, malice mizer, moi dix mois or moi meme moitie as your official name in here. 
  • Avoid sharing personal data, anywhere on the site, like telephone numbers, physical locations etc
  • Avoid sharing NSFW content in public areas of the site. Ideally, avoid it completely.
  • Keep in mind, that none will ever request your private data from you, member or admin. Keep it private. 
  • If you wish to subscribe to our donation, you will help us a lot to keep the site up and running. All donations are used in the maintenance of our domain name, potential technician or artist. We use Ko-Fi for everyones safety.
  • Generally speaking, the rules of the old site are still valid.